The Maccabean Revolt


I have a question as to where in the Bible is the miracle of the 1-days supply of oil for the light lasting for 8-days until new oil could be prepared, recorded. I seem to recall that it happened during the Maccabean revolt, but have not been able to locate it.


The story of the Maccabean revolt and Temple cleansing is not in the Bible because it happened in 165 BC during the time between the Old and New Testaments. You can read about it in the First Book of Maccabees which is found in the Apocrypha, a collection of books included in Catholic Bibles and other places. Remember, these books are not considered to be inspired by the Holy Spirit and are not always theologically sound, but they can give us added insight into history. Jesus made mention of Hanukkah, which celebrates the miraculous Temple cleansing, in John 10:22-23, calling it the Feast of Dedication.