The Mark Of Cain


Here’s a question I am sure has been asked and answered a million times. But, I have never seen an answer. Does God reveal to us anyplace in scripture what was the Mark of Cain? Many thanks for your answer.


The mark of Cain is mentioned only in Genesis 4:15. In the passage, the Lord has banished Cain from the land of Eden for killing his brother Abel. Cain was afraid that one of his other brothers or sisters would find him and kill him, so God put a mark on him to warn others of the consequences of killing him. There’s no mention of anyone other than Cain receiving the mark, and the Bible doesn’t say what the mark was.

In the past, some speculated that Cain’s skin color was changed to make him look different from his brothers and sisters, but there’s no Biblical basis for this. Neither is there any basis for believing that any of Cain’s offspring inherited the mark. But even if they did we need to remember that all of them perished in the flood. There are no biological descendants of Cain on Earth today.