The Meaning Of Gentiles


Are you serious about this word “gentiles”? Please look it up in the dictionary. It is a horrible word. I must tell you that this word does not appear in the Torah. It is a creation of a bad translation and it must be corrected. Remember GOD said “not a single word is to be changed”.


According to Strong’s Concordance the word Gentiles first appears in Genesis 10:5. The Hebrew word from which it’s translated is goyim which can be found numerous times in the Torah where it’s also translated nations and people. It has come to be used primarily of non-Hebrews.

In the New Testament Gentile is translated from the Greek word ethnos, which again means a nation, tribe, or people group, and as in the Old Testament generally refers to non-Hebrews.

These Hebrew and Greek words are rendered into English as Gentiles a combined total of 129 times in the Bible.