The Meaning Of The Millennium


I have the following question about the Millennium and the time there after, when Satan is released again. What is the 1000 years used for – and why does Satan get released again – is there a deeper meaning for these events … couldn’t everything just end after the tribulation?


At first glance, having a 1000 year interlude between the Age of Man and Eternity doesn’t make sense. But on reflection, I think that it may be mankind’s final chance to prove himself to God.

Through out history we’ve had the evil workings of the devil to contend against, so all during the Millennium the devil will be imprisoned. Without him to tempt them can mankind behave in a manner pleasing to God?

We’ve also had the bad influence of unbelievers, so at the beginning of the Millennium all unbelievers will be taken away. Will that make it possible for man to please God?

For the last 2000 years the Lord has been absent from the planet. When He returns and takes up residence here to be their King will man be able to please Him?

Sadly, the answer to all these questions is no. Even with Satan bound, no more unbelievers, and the in person rule of the Lord Himself, there’s still enough sin in the hearts of natural man that as soon as Satan is freed, man will join him in a final rebellion against God. The Millennium is our final proof that there is no circumstance or condition in which natural man can behave in a manner pleasing to the Lord.