The Mediterranean Union


It seems like yesterday that I was writing to you asking about the proposed 10 year peace treaty Jimmy Carter has drawn up yet here I am today ready to bring up a new development that I would really like to hear your thoughts on. I just read an article that says that a meeting will take place on July 13, 2008. The prophetic significance of this meeting? Nothing short of this statement: ‘the Union for the Mediterranean or Mediterranean Union will be geographically identical to the Roman Empire and will be the power base which will give rise to the Antichrist’ Your thoughts on this?


There’s a movement afoot among governments to form alliances like this. North and South America, Africa, and the Far East already have similar projects going. I believe that it’s the first stage of the coming “regionalization” of the world into 10 governmental units, each ruled by a subordinate of the Anti-Christ and represented by the 10 crowned horns of Revelation 13. Horn is used symbolically of authority in Revelation and Daniel.

These 10 governments will control most of the world during the Great Tribulation, the exception being Jordan, according to Daniel 11:41, where the believing remnant of Israel will be protected during that 3.5 year period. (Rev. 12:14)

The Mediterranean Union has actually been around since 1995 but has been stalled because of political apathy. French Pres. Sarkozy is trying to revive it. We’ll have to see if it becomes reality now, which is not at all certain. For example, Turkey only agreed to participate if doing so wouldn’t interfere with their application to the EU.