The Messiah Clock


Today I read the article about the 200-Year-Old “Messiah Clock”. Do you have any laymen’s explanation about this old Jewish clock.  What does the sentence “the year 6000 will occur in 2239 of the Gregorian calendar, indicating that the Messiah must arrive before then”, mean in today’s terms? Am I correct in assuming, that “last redemption’”  has nothing to do with the rapture, which can be expected anytime?  The article says, that we might be “surprised”. Surprised, in what sense? That we as pre-trib believers are correct, that Jesus CAN come any moment?


First of all, understand you are reading from a Jewish article.  They don’t believe in the rapture of the Church and wouldn’t be mentioning it.

The concept behind the Messiah clock is that the Messiah has to come before the end of the year 6,000 on the Hebrew calendar which they say corresponds to the year 2239 on the western calendar. Like us, they  believe He can come at any time, but has to come no later than their year 6,000.  That’s why it’s called the last redemption.