The Millennium Sabbath


Do you believe there is significance to the Millennium-Sabbath Theory and do any reputable figures in history or current prophecy sites believe this? I know it’s not what Peter was actually referring to when he said a day is like a thousand years, but the idea sure seems to hold credibility.


I think the 7th millennium can be seen as a sabbath for the age of man just as the 7th day is the sabbath for a week, and the 7th year is a sabbath for the land. It will begin roughly six thousand years from the creation and last for 1000 years (Rev. 20:3,7) after which the so-called eternal state will begin. The millennium sabbath is more symbolic in nature than the others because it’s never specifically taught as such like the weekly Sabbath is, nor is the millennium described as a sabbath in the Bible. But the concept of a period of rest as being the seventh part of the whole is consistent throughout sabbatical thinking.

Some scholars believe that the Creation is 6014 years old this year and by most accounts the 2nd Coming is still several years away, so we can’t use the Millennium Sabbath as anything more than a general indicator of where we are in God’s Grand Design. This might be why it’s not often referred to in studies of the End Times.