The Name Of Jesus


As far as I can remember, in my youth, the Name of Jesus Christ was symbolic with Love unconditionally. I was also saved invoking His Holy Name but as I started reading and studying Scripture seriously, I discovered that His real Name in Hebrew was Yeshua Ha Maschiach and in Greek it was Iesous Christos. Do you have any insight as to why the Greeks did not respect His Hebrew Name nor kept it for Scriptural accuracy’s sake? Some say that Jesus is not His real name and was given to associate Him with a dog name in those times, is it true? Could you shed some light on this for me please so that I could lay it all to rest and find peace?


Do you really think that some of the most spiritual, loyal and learned scholars in the last 2000 years would have cooperated in letting Jesus be known by the name of a dog? Yeshua, Iesous and Jesus are the Hebrew, Greek and English versions of the same name, and if you check around you’ll find His name translated into almost every language on Earth. This is a fulfillment of Paul’s prophecy that the name of Jesus would be the name above all names. (Phil. 2:9-11).