The Nationality Of The Anti-Christ


I have a question about Daniel 9:26 and the nationality of the anti-Christ. I should explain that I was reading about kings of north and south and it appeared to me that you were presenting the possibility of a Muslim anti-Christ. I thought from Daniel 9:26 that he will be Roman/European.
Could you elaborate on this?


The possibility of a Moslem anti-Christ is consistent with Daniel 9:26. Remember in Daniel 2:32-33 where the statue representing Gentile Dominion is first described, the two legs of iron represented the Roman Empire. There was a western leg with Rome as its capital that included most of western Europe. For a long time western commentators only considered that portion of the Empire in their explanations of Daniel 9:26.

But with the rise of Islam, they’re remembering that it also had an eastern leg whose capital was Constantinople (Istanbul) and that was made up of the countries in the Middle East who are Moslem today. Someone from the Eastern leg could just as easily fulfill Daniel 9:26 as someone from the West.