The New Jerusalem


Referring to the New Jerusalem; I’ve had this thought that we would be inside it, as if it was a mansion or something that we actually live in. In ‘How Many Christians Are There?’, a recent question you answered, it sounds like we live on it’s surface, like a planet.

Does the Bible clarify this anywhere?


Because of it’s size, 1400 miles tall and square, I’ve visualized it more like a low orbit satellite or small planet (it’s about 1/5th the size of Earth), but it’s true, we could just as easily live inside, on the surface, or both. As John described it in Rev 21 it seems like a giant city with streets of gold, and the Greek rendering of John 14:1-3 indicates that it’s composed of many mansions, but no further detail is given as to its actual configuration. One thing’s for certain. We’re gonna love it!