The New Sanhedrin


Have you read (a well known author’s) book on The New Temple and the Second Coming? He shows apparent evidence that the Sanhedrin court has reconvened and is in the process of preparing in all matters for temple worship.


The Sanhedrin was re-convened on January 20, 2005 after a 1600 year absence in Tiberius, the site of it’s last meeting in 425 AD. It’s self proclaimed primary responsibility is to pinpoint the location of the last Temple, although at least one case has been referred to them by the secular legal system.

A few months ago, the Sanhedrin agreed to purchase a herd of sheep to be used for Passover sacrifices at the Temple Mount, conditions permitting. This year the Passover begins on April 20, so we’ll soon see if they have the power to carry out this ancient ritual.