The Number Seven And 2007


I was thinking about something and wondered if others were too. God uses the number seven throughout the bible to indicate completeness. For example, seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, Noah’s Ark landed on the seventh month, seven deadly sins, and the Book of Revelation is full of the number seven.

Question: Complete, finished, do you think this could be the year? Would it not be so wonderful to see the return of the Lord this year!!!!! In any case, I will be watching for the Lord to return and also to see what unfolds this coming year. Read this morning that Saddam will be finished this coming year.


While the rapture of the church could easily happen this year, the 2nd Coming cannot. It’s at least seven (7) years away And there are seven major things that have to happen in those seven years. They are the Rapture of the Church, the Battle of Ezekiel 38, Daniel’s 70th week, the revealing of the Anti-Christ, the establishment of a One World Government, the One World Religion, and the Great Tribulation.