The Origin Of Demons?


I am wondering what the difference is between ‘fallen angels’ and Satan’s ‘demonic horde.’ I always thought demons WERE the fallen angels. Also, Satan and his hordes of demons do tempt us along with the temptation of the world and our flesh, right?


The origin of demons is shrouded in mystery, and the Bible doesn’t shed any light on this topic. Of the opinions I’ve read from Christian scholars, the most popular is that they’re the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim who perished in the flood. Based on archeological evidence the Nephilim must have become a sizable and wide spread part of the pre-flood population, and are probably the primary cause of the flood. Their spirits were left to wander the Earth until the time of judgment.

Most people don’t ever become enough of a threat to Satan to warrant his personal involvement in their lives. But demonic spirits do torment us. We’re especially vulnerable when our unconfessed sins have required God to partially withdraw His protective shield. This is one of the lessons of the Book of Job. But we should understand that our sins are overwhelmingly due to our own sin nature yielding to the temptations of this world.