The Path To Destruction


I went to bed last night thinking and praying about the term, “freedom of religion.” I believe God blessed this nation for many years because it was predominately made up of Christians, but this “freedom of religion” has come to mean any religion and their false gods were welcome here. Shouldn’t it have been “freedom from false religions”? It seems to me that our founders would have known this would happen and that multiculturalism and false gods would take over our nation. What are your thoughts on this “freedom of religion”? Will this nation be destroyed because of its moral decay and false gods and that is the reason the United States of America is not mentioned in end times prophecy?


I don’t think the founding fathers foresaw a time when Americans would believe that the blessings we have enjoyed have come to us apart from God. I’m convinced that in their minds the freedom of religion they fought for was limited to worshiping the one true God in any way we chose and didn’t include the freedom to worship false gods or no god. These modern interpretations of our constitution have come from the minds of godless men who will endure an especially intense form of punishment in payment for leading our country down the path to destruction.

Jeremiah 30:11 says that by the end of the Great Tribulation all the nations among which God has scattered Israel will be destroyed. Chief among those nations is the United States.