The Perfect Healing


Has anyone you have ever prayed for has died of a disease? If so do you place the fact that they died on your own lack of faith in the power of God? Do you feel a burden from that? I ask you this because this past week my 5 month old nephew was in a coma and died, and I was under the impression that if I prayed with enough faith and didn’t doubt, then God would heal him. I feel an incredible burden that he passed away due to my lack of faith in prayer. What can I do?


Everyone who has prayed for the healing of another has had your experience at one time or another. Personally, I think God can choose to answer a prayer for healing in one of three ways. He can heal through modern medicine, He can heal through supernatural power, or he can heal by taking the sick or injured person into His presence.

Of those options the third is obviously most preferable. I call it the perfect healing, and that’s what your nephew received. He’s more alive today than he’s ever been, and knowing the times in which we live, think about all the trouble and hardship he’s been spared.

The burden you feel is from Satan. Jesus said,

“Come to me if you’re weary or burdened and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28).

Start thanking Him for answering your prayers by giving your nephew a perfect healing and your burden will be lifted.