The Persecution Of Christians


Have you heard of people using some letter supposedly written by Corrie Ten Boom to try and prove that the church will go through the tribulation? Why would people use Corrie Ten Boom as evidence that the church is supposed to go through the trib? Why wouldn’t they use just scripture? The letter claims that Christians in China were told they’d be raptured but were then persecuted by Mao; therefore the American church needs to be ready for persecution in the tribulation.


I agree with you. If Corrie Ten Boom believed in a post trib rapture then her opinion conflicts with Scripture. And the persecution of Chinese Christians by Mao was not part of the tribulation and therefore had nothing to do with the rapture. Even as you read this, Christians are being persecuted somewhere in the world and over 1,000 are martyred for their faith every day. The Church is not exempted from persecution in general, only that which is part of the End Times judgments.