The Pool Of Bethesda


I have a question about the use of a “pool of bethesda” in churches today. I was at a church that used this as a means to receive blessings from God and also healing. Their reasoning is that you should start thanking God for blessings you asked for before you walk through the pool. In this way you start acting like you have already received the blessings and if you believe this, then they will come to be.

I know that the original pool of Bethesda was where Jesus performed the miracle of healing on the man that waited for 38 years for someone to help him into the pool when it was stirred. Is there any scripture that would verify this pool can be used in today’s churches to receive blessings from God?


You’re referring to an incident in John 5:1-9. There is no Biblical authority for the symbolic use of the term “Pool of Bethesda”. No special blessing can be derived from it, and in my opinion, people who promote this practice are in danger of attributing miraculous power to an object. Notice in John 5:7-8 the crippled man didn’t have to go into the pool to be healed, He simply had to receive his healing from the Lord.