The Pope’s Recent Announcement


As always, I really enjoy your site and make it a daily stop. I wanted to get your thoughts on a CNN article (about the Pope’s recent announcement) and why the Pope believes the way he does?

I am looking forward to your thoughts on this.


The view that the Catholic Church is the only legitimate Christian Church is not new and has been their belief from the beginning. They claim to be the one Church that originated with the apostles and are therefore the only true Church. Catholic doctrine has long asserted that only members of the Catholic Church can qualify for salvation.

This view cannot stand the test of history and Catholic doctrine regarding salvation cannot be supported Biblically. Some theologians believe that the Catholic Church, believing that the End Times are upon us, is moving to strengthen its position as the world’s religion for the last days.

There is a remarkably accurate 12th Century Catholic prophecy, the prophecy of St. Malachy, that gives the total number of popes who would reign before the Lord returns. According to some interpretations of that prophecy, there will be only one more after the current one, and he will reign during the time of tribulation. Time will tell.