The Post Rapture Holy Spirit


How does grace after the Rapture work? The Holy Spirit is removed from the Earth, so what are the conditions of being saved during that time? Do those left behind still simply have to confess and believe that the Lord died for the sins? Or is it something different? Something more?


While we’re on Earth the Holy Spirit is sealed inside us. At the Rapture we’ll ascend to heaven where we’ll receive our new bodies and lose our sin nature. We’ll no longer need the Holy Spirit to guide our behavior and convict us of our sin because we’ll no longer have the desire to sin. Also, we’ll already have received the inheritance the Holy Spirit was sent to guarantee. So we’ll no longer need Him for that either.

After the rapture, I think the Holy Spirit will return to Earth in a ministry similar to His Old Testament assignment. He’ll convict people of their sins and bring them to the Lord as He always has. He’ll be with believers and come upon them in power when needed, but He won’t be sealed with in them to guarantee their salvation. That blessing belongs to the Church alone. Rev. 14:12 and Rev. 16:15 give hints that post rapture salvation will be contingent upon obedience and faithfulness like it was in Old Testament times.