The Rapture And The Doctrine Of Imminency


Is there a specific time of the year for some of the Rapture verses in Scripture? If so,then shouldn’t we know exactly what time of year to be looking for Him to come? For instance in Micah Chapter 7 it speaks of Summer fruits as a time when the Good man has disappeared out of the earth.

My point is this,many say Imminency is a Biblical concept,but if the Word of God is giving a specific time of year for the season of the Rapture then the Word of God has to come to pass exactly as what is written. I hope it is Imminent otherwise we all have to maybe wait a few more months before we can get into the season again. I am struggling with the concept of Imminency if the Scriptures are pin-pointing a specific time of the year. I am open to be taught on the concept of Imminency and how it relates to the Rapture.


Trying to anticipate the Rapture by looking for the most likely date for its occurrence is man’s idea, not God’s. The thought behind the Doctrine of Imminency is that the Lord can come at any time for His Church. As you point out, as soon as a probable date is selected, the Doctrine of Imminency goes out the window.

In the past I’ve written that if the Rapture were to occur on a specific date, then the Feast of Pentecost would be the one most likely becauce it’s the only Biblically significant date that seems to describe the Church.

But I’ve also written that I don’t believe that the Rapture is a date specific event, but is number specific instead. That means that it won’t happen on any particular day, but only when the pre-determined number of humans become believers. This conclusion comes from Romans 11:25. If you stop to thnk about it, the number specific concept is the only one consistent with the Doctrine of Imminency.