The Rapture. Open To Interpretation?


Thank you so much for your insight, as I look forward to your e-mails every day. I am sincerely hoping for a pre-trib rapture, as I am sure that all of us are. Currently, I am reading an e-book that strongly supports the post-trib rapture, with many scriptural citations and inferences backing up this theory. This author presents a stong case for his position, as you do with the pre-trib assertion. Honestly, I am completely confused and don’t know what to anticipate, other than being in a “ready” status at any time. I sincerely wish that this wasn’t such a mystery, and was not an issue that is so open to interpretation. Is the Bible meant to be so ambiguous, so that we are not sure of the day and time of His coming?


We shouldn’t be either surprised or confused when people use Scripture references to support their ideas. It would be surprising if they didn’t. The issue is whether the Scriptures they use really support their claims. The Bible is not confusing where the rapture is concerned. It only teaches one position, and that’s the pre-trib rapture. Those who use Scriptures to support other rapture positions are either allegorizing them, taking them out of context, or misinterpreting them altogether. Our job is to know the Bible well enough so we aren’t misled by this. This is why Paul advised us to search the Scriptures daily to see if what we’re being taught is true (Acts 17:11).