The Red Heifer And The Coming Temple


I was reading your Q&A on The Coming Jewish Temple and saw that the Red Heifer and ashes from the last one were needed. Well see the site below. According to it, there is a Red Heifer alive and well in Israel. Also a well known prophecy teacher claims certain Israeli officials believe they know where the ashes of the last red heifer are located.


The blog post you sent me was written in 2010. A more recent communique from the Temple Institute (the group that runs the red heifer breeding program in Israel) only says that there are currently several red heifer candidates under observation. A red heifer has to be three years old to meet the qualifications. Several previous candidates appeared to qualify as calves but as they aged imperfections appeared that disqualified them. Let’s pray that at least one of the current candidates will make the cut, because this would be a major milestone on the road to building a new Temple.

In my answer I said there are some who believe that the ashes of the previous heifer have to be mixed with the ashes of the new one. The Temple Institute has said this is not necessary. They claim that even if the old ashes could be found and their identity confirmed, it would be next to impossible to verify their purity. By mixing them with the new ashes they would run the risk of making the whole batch impure and therefore useless.