The Restrainer. Follow Up


In your answer to the question about the restrainer you wrote: “According to Genesis 6:3 the Holy Spirit was also taken out of the way before the Great Flood. What I see in this scripture is that man was living hundreds of years – which would cause striving between the Holy Spirit and man. Therefore, God shortened man’s days, or length of life. I don’t see the Holy Spirit being removed. Please explain. Also, at the rapture, the church is removed, not the Holy Spirit, correct? I have understood that the Holy Spirit will remain here working as in the Old Testament.


This interpretation of Genesis 6:3 is taught by some, but there’s no evidence that God shortened man’s life to 120 years. After the flood man’s life span steadily declined until it reached the 70 year average indicated by Psalm 90:10.

During the Church Age the Holy Spirit is sealed within us as a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance. Once we’re taken in the rapture that guarantee will no longer be necessary since we will have received our inheritance. At that time the Holy Spirit will return to resume the kind of ministry He had in the Old Testament, being with believers and coming upon them from time to time but not sealed within them.