The Scarlet Ribbon


In your article, “The End Times According to Isaiah, Part 1” you talk about the ritual involving the scapegoat where a scarlet ribbon was tied to the temple door and to the goat, and how it turned white at the moment of the goat’s death. I mentioned this in a Sunday School class yesterday, and someone asked me “Where did he get that info from?” and I thought that was a fair question as we are to evaluate what our leaders say and not just take it blindly. Can you please let me know your reference on this? Thank you so much for your website. I find it very helpful.


Many people have asked this question, so here’s the answer for everyone. My source is a book published by Moody Press entitled The Fall Feasts Of Israel. Its authors are Mitch and Zhava Glaser, Messianic believers affiliated with Jews for Jesus. In the book, they identified the Mishna as the source of this tradition. The Mishna is a written account of Jewish Oral Tradition, sometimes called the Oral Torah, and is second only to the Old Testament in its authority in the Jewish religion.