The Sheep And Goat Judgment


I have been pondering the Sheep and Goats judgment and wondering what its purpose is if the goats had taken the Mark of the Beast. It would seem that the goats could not have taken the mark because if they had there would be no possibility for them to enter the Millennial Kingdom. If this is true it suggests that there will be a large population that exists outside the main economy (that requires the mark to be a part of it). I can’t imagine this large a population existing in hiding.

My question is, Could this be pointing toward the rise of an Islamic economy that has a mark as proof of allegiance, while those with no mark have dhimmitude status?

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I don’t see any problem with people who’ve taken the mark being involved in the Sheep and Goat judgment, and I believe the world economy will be an Islamic one. Even with the mark I think the “goats” will still have to face judgment and be condemned. You know, even guilty people get a trial.

In Matt. 25:32 the Lord said that He’ll gather all the nations (people) together to stand before Him.. It doesn’t mention leaving anyone out.