The Shout!


I know most of us nowadays have weakened the vocabulary and true meaning of the words we say. For instance, after watching a movie someone might say “How was the movie?” “It was awesome”. They should have said it was good or it was great.

When the Bible speaks of the Lord descending from Heaven with a Shout, is there anything in the Bible that can give us a clue as to what this shout will be like? Will we just fall like dead men because it’s horrifying or will it be soothing and pleasant? How loud will it be?


If you’re referring to the shout in 1 Thes. 4:16 I believe it will be the same as the one John heard in Rev. 4:1. I think we’ll hear our names followed by “Come up here!” It will be loud enough for us to plainly hear and authoritative enough that we’ll obey instantly. And yes, I believe it will be pleasant, irresistibly so. In fact, it’ll be awesome.