The Singularity


I have been reading about The Singularity recently. Is there any place in the Bible where it says or points to The Church or the world will be here while this is going on? It sounds like it is going to be a bad time and some weird things will be happening.


This a bit of science fiction that’s popular with unbelieving technology types. The popular TV Sci-Fi show “Battle Star Galactica” was based on this theory. There’s nothing in the Bible to indicate that this will ever happen, and certainly not within the few years the church has left here.

For it to work the human brain has to have finite limits, which have never been discovered, and technology has to exceed those limits, taking humans out of the loop in favor of artificial intelligence. Though computers can make calculations much faster than man, the reasoning power of the brain has yet to be matched, and in my opinion, the creative potential of the human mind has no limit.