The Sower And The Seed


I heard a man speak about the parable of the sower in Mark 4:14 and am wondering since my relationship with God has not always been faithful how can I have reassurance of my salvation and where I stand with God? Thank you and thanks for your work in the Lord.


Mark 4:14-20 is the Lord’s explanation of the Parable of the Sower and the Seed. The Sower is the Lord and the Seed is His word. The four kinds of soil describe four kinds of people in the world. The path represents people with hardened hearts, where His word can’t penetrate. The rocky ground stands for people where His word penetrates their mind but doesn’t take root in their heart. These two kinds of people are not saved.

The seed that falls among thorns describes most believers, where His word takes root in their heart but since their focus is still on the things of this world they never bear any fruit for the Kingdom. And the seed that falls on good soil is that small group where His word penetrates their heart and changes their life. These believers are the fruitful ones.

If you’ve been born again, you’re in one of the two groups where God’s word has penetrated your heart. You heard the Gospel and believed it, and the Lord marked you with His seal and has guaranteed that His promise of eternal life will come true for you (Ephesians 1:13-14). Which of the two groups you belong to depends on whether your life has changed to the extent that you’re no longer concerned about the things of this world and are living your life for the Lord.

This parable helps us to understand that salvation is not a fruit bearing event. It doesn’t benefit anyone but the person being saved. Bearing fruit is something that happens after we’re saved. It requires living in submission to the Lord’s will and following His direction.

So the question is not whether you’re still saved, because where salvation is concerned it’s not your faithfulness that counts, it’s His. If you’re born again you’ll always be saved (John 6:39-40). The question is how much the Lord is able to do through you in advancing His Kingdom.