The Testimony Of Two Witnesses


Can the Holy Spirit be considered one of the two witnesses needed for confirmation in a matter? I ask because we’re dealing with some travel issues right now and without telling anybody, not even my wife, I thought of one option we could look at. The next day my wife came to me with the identical option. Since we are not telling anybody about our plans, I was wondering if the Holy Spirit can be the other witness to confirm what we are both thinking, or should we wait for an “out of the blue” confirmation from someone who knows nothing about this matter?


The principle of two witnesses comes from Deut. 19:15 where it’s used in a legal context to insure a just conviction. In John 8:14-18 Jesus used in this principle a general sense saying that by sending Him the Father was a witness to the fact that He spoke the truth.

In your case, you and your wife are the two witnesses who confirm that your choice of travel options originated with the Holy Spirit, since you both arrived at the same conclusion independently, without consultation or even discussion.