The Three Questions Of Matt. 24 Follow Up


In the article (The 3 Questions Of Matt. 24) a statement was made: “the absence of any reference to the Church shows us that we won’t be here during the time He was talking about.”

How do you validate this principle of omission as truth? It certainly is not found in the Bible as a teaching. If it is, tell me where. I can use that principle anywhere in the Bible and it proves nothing, it seems to me to be only conjecture. Not everybody that witnessed the events in the Bible were mentioned by the writers. Therefore it wasn’t important enough to know or God did not want us to know. Some things are a mystery and should stay that way unless there is positive proof of subsequent revelation in the Bible.


If my statement had been made in a vacuum I would concede your point. But there are other verses that promise the church won’t be present during the End Times judgments. For example, in 1 Thes. 1:10 Paul wrote that Jesus will rescue us from the coming wrath. The Greek word translated from literally means a physical and temporal separation from the wrath of God. Since God’s wrath begins in Rev. 6 that removes the Church from all of Daniel’s 70th Week. In Rev. 3:10 a similar promise is made by the Lord, using a different Greek word for from. This one means to be kept from the time or place or any relation to the event being described.

The Bible also reveals other sound theological reasons why the Church won’t be and in fact can’t be present for the end times judgments.