The Timing Of Ezekiel 38-39


If we are looking for the Gog and Magog war to take place, when did the 1,000 years expire? (Rev 20:7,8) I thought it was “After the 1,000 years were up.” So what 1,000 years are we talking about?


The Book of Ezekiel is chronological especially as it relates to events concerning Israel in the last days. Chapters 36-37 tell of the regathering of Israel that began in earnest after WW2. Chapters 38-39 prophesy the Battle of Gog and Magog, and chapters 40-48 describe the Kingdom Age. So Ezekiel’s battle has to take place after 1948 when the re-gathering became official but before the 2nd Coming when the Kingdom Age begins.

In Rev. 20:7-8 Gog and Magog are mentioned again as going after God’s people at the end of the Kingdom Age. This battle and Ezekiel’s are two events separated by a period of over 1000 years, not two descriptions of the same one.