The Vilna Gaon Prophecy


What are the implications of the Vilna Gaon prophecy that the third time the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem is rebuilt (it was destroyed twice before, the last time by the jordanian forces in 1948) the Third Temple construction will follow? This synagogue was officially inaugurated on March 15, 2010 and the rabbis are planning to offer a lamb sacrifice during Passover on March 29.


Is I understand it, the prophecy says that after the Hurva synagogue is rebuilt for the 3rd time, the Temple will be rebuilt. To me that means while this synagogue is still standing work will commence on a new temple. If true, it’s another one of the many signs that we’re in the End times.

As for the lamb, Jews have petitioned the authorities for permission to sacrifice a lamb on or near the Temple mount before, but it’s always been denied. I pray that it will be allowed this year. According to Leviticus 28:16-22 the Passover sacrifice consisted of two young bulls, one ram, seven male lambs, and one male goat accompanied by several grain offerings. The Passover lamb itself was not part of this sacrifice. It was done in the home, not in the Temple, and it was consumed by the people, not on the altar.

Even so, if the Temple Institute gets official permission to sacrifice a lamb in Jerusalem this Passover it will be a great symbolic victory for the Jewish people and will help call attention to their 3000 year long association with their Holy city.