The Wheat And The Tares


I had an inquiry as to your understanding of Matthew 13:29. What is your take on the statement to not gather the tares because you may root up the wheat with them. I understand this will happen at the end of the age and I also understand we have free will to accept our Lord. It’s just kinda curious to me.


In Matt. 13:36-43 Jesus explained that the wheat represents believers and the tares represent unbelievers. Pulling up the tares prematurely would cause the wheat to be uprooted as well. The farmer told the workers to leave them both alone until the harvest because everything gets uprooted then.

The parable was meant to explain that both believers and unbelievers would co-exist in the world until the end times judgments. Gathering the tares to be burned represents unbelievers being consumed in the judgments. Bringing the wheat into the barn represents believers being brought into the Millennium which will follow the judgments.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the Lord was talking about the Church here. The harvest is the time when He judges the world (Rev. 14:14-16). The Church will be gone by then, removed from both the time and place of the end times judgments (1 Thes. 1:10). He’s also talking about Israel’s Kingdom Age which will take place on Earth. The Church will not be on Earth during the Kingdom Age, but will be in the New Jerusalem nearby.