The Zeitgeist


I am a Christian mom in my mid fifties and my daughter is 19. She asked me to watch a video called “Zeitgeist” (spirit of the times) and it compared the Zodiac signs and symbols with the Christian religion. (The narrator) showed how other civilizations had myths that were similar in their story line to the story of Jesus. He implied that we copied the story of Jesus and his death and resurrection from the pagan myths that came before Him. Your website has encouraged me over the past 5 months. You have helped me see things in a realistic view and now the End Times scriptures have come alive for me. Please help.


The Zeitgeist video is an effort to convince people that Christianity is only the latest version of pagan mythology and can be explained away by a study of astrology.  It is correct in stating that many mythologies include a virgin mother and god-like child who was born on Dec. 25, and later died and was resurrected.  The producers try to explain this with astrology, saying that’s where it all came from, which in a way is also correct.

What they don’t tell us is that the basic doctrine of Christianity was first put forth in Genesis, not the Gospels, and that astrology is a Babylonian corruption of the Hebrew Mazzaroth, which according to tradition was developed before the Great Flood by Adam, Seth, and Enoch.  Under God’s direction, they chose 12 constellations and named them in such a way as to tell the story of the coming Redeemer.  When the earliest descendants of Adam looked up into the night sky they could reassure themselves that God would one day send them someone who would free the creation from its bondage to sin, like He had promised Eve in Genesis 3:15.  This is all documented in a book by J.A. Seiss called, The Gospel in the Stars.  (The study of the corruption we call astrology was the reason the Tower of Babel was destroyed and the people scattered.  God made studying astrology a crime punishable by death.)

Remember, in order to make a lie believable it must contain a seed of truth.  This means the truth always has to precede the lie.  All mythology is a corruption of the Creation story in Genesis.  The first counterfeit “virgin mother / supernatural child” story came from Babel with a woman named Semiramis and her son Tammuz whose father was supposedly the Sun God.  All subsequent mythologies sprang from this one, and all used the Dec. 25 date because that’s the winter solstice, when the sun supposedly died and was re-born.

There are a number of competent studies giving compelling evidence that Jesus was not born on Dec. 25 but more likely in the early fall at the time of the Jewish New Year.  These studies also show that most of the things we do in celebrating His birth on Dec. 25 originated in the Roman version of the mother-child mythology and are pagan in their origin.

In summary, attempts to explain away our faith as just another pagan myth have been around for centuries. They only work because of our deplorable ignorance about our Creator and the Book He gave us.  The Zeitgeist is just the latest.