Theft By Deception


We get yearly season passes to a theme park and it so happens that our church sponsored a youth group outing to this park. My 12-year-old daughter went and a good male friend who is also a family friend went too. The topic came up that the boy could use my pass (which is a photo id) – of me mid 40’s and he could save the price of admission. The park would have probably not checked the id…

Now – what should have been done – Let the boy use the pass or say sorry – that is deception?


Letting your daughter’s friend sneak in by using your pass is theft by deception, but there wasn’t any need to make him feel bad by pointing this out. If he was her guest you or your daughter should have paid his way. If they were only going at the same time but not necessarily together, he should have paid his own way. If he lacked the required fee you could have come to his rescue in the Lord’s name and received a blessing for doing so.