They Should Have Confessed


My question centers around the “original” sin as well as Cain and Abel. Was the sin in each of these circumstances the obvious ones, ie; Adam/Eve eating the apple, Cain murdering Abel? Or the more subtle one, God knew what they had done in both instances and gave them an opportunity to admit it and they instead denied their guilt. When confronted by God Adam immediately blamed Eve, and when God asked Cain where is your brother, what have you done?, Cain replied “I am not my brother’s keeper”. Was it the sin or the denial that got them into trouble with God?


Due to the character of God, I’m convinced that if Adam and Cain had simply confessed their sin instead of denying it, and sought God’s forgiveness, it would have been granted and the world would be a far different place today. Of course if Adam had confessed, perhaps Cain would not have sinned in the first place. Remember, it was the issue of their offerings that created the contention between Cain and Abel. Had Adam confessed, perhaps he wouldn’t have been expelled from the Garden and there might not have been a need for an offering. This is just speculation of course. Soon we’ll be able to ask God directly.