Thinking Big About Our Millennial Home


My question is about our mansions in Heaven. In the Bible, when Jesus says “In my Father’s house are many mansions”, it’s my understanding that it can also be translated, “many dwelling places”. When you think about God, you think REALLY, REALLY, BIG! The Father’s house includes all of His creation, the universe, the millions of planets and galaxies and everything. I believe we will be able to travel to all the planets, and dwell there, and discover new and wonderful things. Since time will never end, we’ll be able to visit all the planets and galaxies over and over again. I think this is the purpose for the planets. Now, it seems like they’re just out there, taking up space. But, then, they’ll be our dwelling places. Could you give me your thoughts on this? Thank-you so much!


I agree with your opinion that the rest of our solar system and perhaps all the universe might have been created for our use and enjoyment in the Millennium and on into eternity. But if by dwelling place you mean our permanent residence, I think it’s clear that our home will be in the New Jerusalem.

You talk about thinking big where God’s concerned, but I’m not sure people know just how big the New Jerusalem will be. We don’t know it exact shape but the Bible does say it will have a length, width and height of 1400 miles each (Rev. 21:16). That means if it was a globe it would be 1/6th the size of Earth, or 2/3rds the size of the Moon. If it’s a cube, as most people think, it will have even more space, with a volume of 2.74 billion cubic miles. If you wanted to locate it on Earth somewhere, you’d need all the land from Norway to Italy so it would cover all of western Europe. In the US it would stretch from Maine to Florida and from the East Coast 1/2 way to California. It would be 4000 times as tall as the Earth’s tallest building. That’s big enough for all of us.