This Life Or The Next One?


I have a question of a rather practical nature. I am currently finishing up my Masters degree in mech. engineering and have begun job searching. It’s difficult for me to reconcile the reality of our short time left with the “same-old” job advice from professors, and friends who do not see the fulfillment of prophecy quite the same. Both my wife and I would like to do some sort of missions work, however I have a relatively small amount of student debt and she is still in school. I imagine I am one of a growing number wondering how to balance life on this earth with preparing for our real Home. Any godly wisdom would be appreciated.


You don’t have to choose one or the other. I spent several years as the volunteer pastor of a small church while holding down a job. At this stage of the game it’s not important to build up assets here, but having financial obligations you have to generate some income. Until the rapture comes we’re bound to obligations like this, but that needn’t prevent us from having our primary focus on the life to come.

Have you considered taking a job that would allow you to pay off your debt but leave you with enough time and energy for Kingdom work as well? Jesus said to store up treasure in Heaven, not here (Matt. 6:19-21) and Paul said we shouldn’t fix our eyes on what we can see, which is temporary, but on what we can’t see, which is permanent (2 Cor. 4:18).

Having a low pressure job with a modest income lets us focus on what’s really important and since you’re just starting out, you’re ideally positioned to do this. You can choose to live a simple life and devote much of your time and energy to kingdom work which pays eternal dividends.