Three Days Of Darkness Coming?


I have heard in recent times about a coming 3 days of darkness wherein the redeemer will activate believers further with the spirit. (I think this occurred in Egypt prior to the Exodus, at least the darkness part) Have you also heard of such a thing and do you think it’s scriptural or what are your thoughts on this?


Exodus 10:21-23 records a three day plague of darkness that struck Egypt during the time of Moses. But there is no Biblical teaching or prophecy to support a recurrence. The three days of darkness someone recently predicted for Sept. 26 didn’t take place. Some believe it’s now scheduled for November.

Variations on this non-Biblical prophecy have been around for a long time especially in some catholic circles. They say it’s based on Matt. 24:29 which is odd because Matt. 24:29 will take place immediately after the end of the Great Tribulation, just before the 2nd Coming. One variation I’ve heard recently is that three days of darkness will immediately precede the rapture to give the world one final warning to come to the Lord for salvation.

I don’t give any of these prophecies, except the one in Matt. 24:29, any credibility. To me they’re like the 9.7 earthquake that was predicted for California on October 3rd. Reportedly, several independent sources all had a vision of this happening. I think this is the time for all discerning Christians to rely only on the Bible for information about our future. The enemy loves to use well meaning people who have zeal about God that is not based on knowledge (Romans 10:2) to sow the seeds of confusion.