To Teach Or Not To Teach


I am an adult Sunday School teacher. I read my Bible just about every day. I pray to God that my lesson each week will glorify Him, and I ask for His help when preparing my lessons.

When I started teaching over a year ago, I had support rather than criticism. Now it seems some in my class would rather criticize me than support me. My husband who is in my class said my lessons are great, and not to worry about trying to please everyone.

I have always gotten my facts right when teaching, but I made a mistake a couple of weeks ago. A man in my class corrected this mistake and I thanked him. But now that one mistake is being criticized by many. In fact during our revival, one man stood up and gave praise to a woman who used to be the adult Sunday School teacher who was visiting our church that evening. Then he made the remark, if you have a question about the Bible, call her, she really knows her Bible… was a direct attack on me for having messed up.

I feel at this time I have no alternative but to quit teaching the adults. Its a shame though, because I love teaching the adults, and spend about 10 hours each week in preparing the lessons because I enjoy it so much. Also, no one else at the church wants to teach. But, when I tried to prepare the lesson this week, I can’t get the criticism off my mind, and my heart is no longer into teaching this group at the church.


You must be a good teacher because you’ve been attacked by the enemy. He’s trying to get you to quit so the people at your church won’t have a teacher. I think you need to spend more time with the Lord and find out what He wants you to do about teaching, and ask His forgiveness for your mistake. And I think you need to rebuke the devil in Jesus’ name for trying to steal your joy about it.

I know you’re embarrassed, but you need to go back to your class, apologize, and give them the best lesson ever. They’ll soon forget it ever happened. And so will you.