To Whom Should We Pray?


It always has seemed to me that when I pray I find myself addressing the Father more so than Jesus, as if God the Father is kind of the boss, the one even Jesus answers to. I know I’m not thinking about it correctly, but it seems that Jesus himself took a subservient attitude to God. Can you help me have a more clear understanding of this because even after all these years I still struggle with the concept.


I’ve heard all kinds of attempts to establish the proper protocol in our prayers. Some say we should address our prayers only to God, but in the name of Jesus. Others advocate praying directly to Jesus based on John 14:14. “You can ask me for anything in my name and I will do it.”

Paul’s reference to Jesus taking a subservient attitude toward God in Phil. 2:6-8 was a demonstration of how our attitude toward God should be (Phil 2:5). If Jesus, who was by very nature God, could make Himself obedient to the will of the Father how much more should we?

Personally I believe that when we’re praying to one we’re praying to all and can use which ever name or title we’re most comfortable with in the situation. I usually address my prayers to the Father in the name of the Son.