Tongues And Hats


Love your site. I read it everyday. I have two questions.

I have witnessed people speaking in tongues while praying and also speaking in tongues, then an interpretation was given. My current pastor says we no longer speak in tongues since Christ’s crucifixion. I guess I can understand with the holy spirit we would no longer speak in ‘prayer tongues’ but is speaking in tongues completely no longer done?

Also, two women in our congregation cover their heads while the message is given. I have read in the bible that a women is to cover her head but is that also now no longer done or should I be covering my head. I have never been convicted of this so really never gave it much thought, plus the pastors wife does not cover her head. Actually, I’ve never been in a church where the women cover their heads. Your input into the two questions will be greatly appreciated.


Lovingly suggest that your pastor should read 1 Corinthians 12 & 14 where Paul gave instructions on the use of the Gifts of the Spirit including Tongues in about 55 AD, 20 years after the cross. The Gifts of the Spirit began at the birth of the Church and have never been revoked.

Paul also advised the women in Corinth to cover their heads during worship as a sign of respect. (1 Cor. 11:1-16) Most women don’t follow this practice today, even though it too has never been revoked.