Tribulation Believers


You have said that tribulation believers will not have the same guarantee that God will keep their salvation firm and safe as we (the church) do. I’ve been reading and I can see the difference between the two groups, but a couple of questions came to my mind. Could you please explain to me why the different treatment for those two groups since God does not make any difference between persons, or in this case does he?


The difference between the Church and Tribulation believers can be traced to the basis for their faith. We believe, though we have not seen. (John 20:29) Both in the Old Testament and during Daniel’s 70th week, believers base their belief on visible signs of God’s presence. That’s why the Holy Spirit’s role with Tribulation believers will be similar to Old Testament times, coming upon and being with, but not sealed within them. Since the level of faith required is different, the relationship is different.