Tribulation Survivors?


Somewhere you said you thought that there would be people who will survive the Great Tribulation. Are some of these non-believers?


The sheep and goat judgment of Matt.25:31-46 tells of the Lord judging people from “the nations” who survive the Great Tribulation. From Matt. 25:31 we know this judgment will follow the 2nd Coming.

The ones called “sheep” will have identified themselves as believers by the way they treated the Jews and will be welcomed into the Millennial Kingdom (Matt. 25:34-36). The ones called “goats” will have identified themselves as non-believers by the same standard and will be escorted off the planet to a place of eternal judgment (Matt. 25:41-46).

Normally, describing people as being from “the nations” means they are not Jewish. It’s especially true in this judgment because focus is how they treated Israel. Only those who are believers will be allowed to enter the Kingdom.