Yet Another Trinity Question


I thank the Lord for all the blessing that I am receiving everyday from your website and the wisdom that God gave to you to explain His word to us. I have a question about your explanation of the Trinity and our Lord Jesus Christ. You said Jesus is forever in human form, you mean like us? But we are created in the image of God and maybe God looks like us?

Second, to whom Jesus paid the price for our sins? We all know that Jesus is our creator as it says in Hebrew and even Lucifer he is a created being of God and everything was created by Him and for Him. Lastly, why it says in Isaiah that our Lord Jesus will die as a ransom for many, why not all?


Jesus is forever in human form, but not like we currently are, since we don’t yet have resurrection bodies like He does. According to John 4:24 God exists in Spirit form and so He doesn’t look like us. When the Bible says that man was created in the image of God it was speaking spiritually, not physically. Also, only Adam and Eve were really created in the image of God (Genesis 5:1-2). After they sinned all of Adam’s progeny bear his (fallen) image (Genesis 5:3).

When Jesus became a man He took on the appearance of a man to be recognizable to mankind. As a man He was also Adam’s next of kin and therefore qualified to be our kinsman redeemer and pay mankind’s ransom for our sins. He paid it to His Father, and ours.

Isaiah says that He paid the ransom for many because although His death settled everyone’s debt of sin, not everyone will accept it for themselves.