What Is Tu b’Av?


I have a question concerning the Jewish Feast Tu B’ Av. What do you know about this feast day? Do you know the date? With what we are seeing what is going on in Israel and the world I believe we are pretty close to going home. I am in full agreement with you on Rom 11:25 and the fulfillment of the Gentiles. I am pondering a feast day as event-driven just because we know our Heavenly Father works in a direct order. I would love your thoughts on this especially with shortness of time we are in.


Tu b’Av is the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Av. In 2014 it takes place between sunset August 10 and sunset August 11 on our calendar. It is not a Levitical holiday, so it’s not mentioned in the Bible. It was instituted in the 2nd Temple period to mark the beginning of the grape harvest.

Since 1948, it has become increasingly popular again among Jewish people and is considered by many to be their equivalent to St. Valentine’s day, since both religious and secular Jews send cards and flowers to loved ones to commemorate the day. And as they did in the past, young women are again dressing in white and dancing in the vineyards of Shilo on Tu b’Av, hoping to attract a suitor.

As for Tu b’Av being a potential date for the rapture, I don’t believe it’s any more or less likely than any other date; first because I don’t believe the rapture of the Church will necessarily take place on a Jewish feast day and second because I do believe it will happen when the full number of the Church is reached, regardless of which day that is.