Two Gardens


I seem to have made an observation this evening and just wondered if you believe there is any relationship or credence at all to what I’ve noticed. I was looking up Scripture that contained the words, “Abba Father” and the first search result led me to the time Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane praying so very earnestly that if possible he not go to the cross but that His Father’s will be done. Then it occurred to me that the Fall was in the Garden of Eden which is of course why Jesus had to go to the cross.

One garden where man fell and allowed Satan to rule this world, the other garden where Jesus prepared with prayer to become victorious over Satan and redeem man. Is it at all interesting to you that there are two gardens in seemingly direct relationship to one another? And also, should I translate Abba Father as ‘Daddy’? Somehow I just can’t bring myself to think this way.


You paint a beautiful picture, and I see the connection. In one garden the creation was lost to Satan and in the other it was redeemed, since the Father’s silence meant there was no other way than the cross. In the garden the mission was accepted, all that remained was the implementation.

In Hebrew, Abba is the most familiar word for father and is often used by little children in addressing their earthly fathers. It’s roughly equivalent to “Daddy” in English.