UFOs In The Bible, Follow Up


I read your answer about UFOs not being in the bible and gasped. The Bible talks about them extensively. Beginning with Genesis and on through Revelations God and Christ both refer to UFOs, which are really no more than fallen angels, nephilim and Satan’s tricks. As a police officer and journalist I’ve seen mutilations and photos of mutilations and was told in the Police Academy that UFOs and aliens are real, but that as officers we are never to admit to it, to report on it or to talk about it. Please do some research and revisit this question. It is vital to the end times.


In my answer I said, “There is no clear evidence to support the existence of UFOs in the Bible. That doesn’t mean UFOs don’t exist, or even that they didn’t exist in Biblical times. It just means the Bible doesn’t mention them as such.”

Notice I wasn’t disputing the existence of UFOs, only the claim that they’re mentioned in the Bible.

You’re saying you and others have concluded that what you’ve read in the Bible about demonic beings is a reference to UFO’s. You support this conclusion through the use of non-Biblical evidence of their existence. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Bible makes no mention of UFOs. I’ll stick with my answer.