Unbelievers Who Survive The Great Tribulation


After the Second Coming, I understand that the Saved from the Church Age will live in the New Jerusalem while the Tribulation Saints live on earth — Jews in the Kingdom and Gentiles in the Nations. But what will happen to the unbelievers who manage to survive the Tribulation? Unbelieving Jews? Unbelieving Gentiles? Of those two populations, who will live where?


As a result of the judgments all tribulation survivors will be subjected to at the 2nd coming, living unbelievers will be taken off the planet to a place variously called the outer darkness (Matt. 25:30) or the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels (Matt. 25:41). These judgments are summarized in four Olivet Discourse parables, the servants of Matt. 24:45-51, the 10 Virgins of Matt. 25:1-13, the Talents of Matt. 25:14-30 and the Sheep and Goats of Matt. 25:31-46. Only believers will be permitted to enter the Kingdom.