Unequally Yoked And Frustrated


I am unequally yoked–I am married to a very non-religious Jewish man, whom I love tremendously, but who does not share my Christian views for obvious reasons. I am in a difficult situation vis a vis the unequal yoking. The Lord has laid a burden of care on me for the lost of Asia, in particular the people of India. I want to sponsor the work of Gospel for Asia, but my husband does not. I am in need of your insight and advice. I have made arrangements to do volunteer work for GFA (which costs nothing and, hence, is not much of a bone of contention.) But besides volunteering, I don’t see that I have any other options.


In matters of the spirit, your husband is accountable to God whether he’s a believer or not, and you are accountable to your husband. If your husband prevents you from doing all that you feel called to do, that’s between him and the Lord. Your best approach is to do as much as he allows, while praying that the Lord will change his heart and allow you to do more. The Lord will honor your work and your patience and will answer your prayers in His perfect time.